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*08 AUG 2005*
Seeing as the website bill was due I thought I would stop by and perform an update...doh! As I've mentioned before I'm out of the Navy now, Retired..., sounds good in theory but I still have to work :-) To survive in the Bay Area, CA you need 3 Jobs!

So I'm working at the USDA now in Albany, CA...Can't say enough good about this place, after 20 years of serving my country they stepped in and snatched me up right as I retired, just can't beat that. They took a chance and I think they wuv me, and I love the job, the people, heck, I get to play/work on computers all day, for a living! :-)

One other update as of late, I'm a Disabled Vet now, and I'm in the Vocational Rehab program . Which means in addition to my full time job I go to school 3 nights a week for the next year pursuing CCNA and MCSE. Hopefully it all pans out, these quals and my efforts could produce a very promising future, I'll be done in July 2006!

So, if anyone thought I was lazy as far as updating the website before, I'll probably never have any time now, heh :-)

ALL my computers have been WAY upgraded since the last visit here, I'll try and post the complete specs of my two main rigs this weekend. As I always tell people I like to tweak up computers like mechanics do cars! :-) Ehh, it's a hobby, err full time job...

I have 7 (yes seven:-) computers now, an old Dell Laptop (650MHz) for messing around with wireless, the kid's P3-1GHz, a 3.8 P4, a 3.6 P4, a 3.2 P4 and a Mac Mini (they are just so kewt:-) and the wife's second job/work computer. They all run F@H (as well as a few@werk:-) and I'm at 850,000 points now, top 300 ever in thje project, been doing 7 years now?!
-Check out the project (working to cure diseases)

As always, drop me a line if you need something using the "Contact Us" link/page..., if I'm ever home I'll answer;-) Aww, cmon, I always answer...

Contact Us Page

Take care~!

*20 FEB 2004*
Greetings Folks!

Well, it's been a year since my last site update, figured I should stop by and say something...heh!

The website is officialy 5 years old this month, you know what that means, I've paid 5 years of website domain registration fees :-)

The last time I was here I was transfering off a ship in Hawaii (sigh) to go stateside, in Lemoore, California. Well I'm here now, been here for 9 months and umm, yeeeeaaaahhh, gee, exciting :-(

For those of you who aren't privledged enough to know the whereabouts of LOVELY Lemoore, California, thank your lucky stars! If you go down the middle of California, halfway between S.F. and L.A., in the middle of nowhere, and then take a left, bingo, dat's it :-)

Seriously, it's not that bad, at least for a LAST duty station! I will retire officially from the United States Navy in June this year, 2004. It's been a long long time coming but I've also had some fun.

So if you need a dependable highly skilled and motivated computer technician, give me a shout, because pretty soon, I'll be out!

Onto computer news, Hard to believe, when I started this site the Pentium was out, clocked at a mere 200MHZ, now 5 years later we're at 3.5 GHZ! Yikes!
By the way, yes my computer specs are a bit out of date, I'll be updating those this weekend as well, I have a 2.4 and a 3.2 GHZ P4 now, just haven't gotten around to posting them.

If you have any computer questions or just want to say hey use the Contact Us Page

Got tired of the spam, so no more direct email, but I will get your message, till next time, be well, asta~!

*06 FEB 2003*
Hiyas all~!

The good news (okay GREAT news:-) is I am finally DONE with sea duty in the United States Navy!
I transfer off the USS Fletcher at the end of this month never to see the grey things and that much water again! :-)
I'll be transferring to NAS Lemoore in California and doing my last 14 months of active duty, then I'll retire in June 2004.
I just took part (on the Fletcher) in a new Navy experiment called "Sea Swap". Basically one crew leaves a ship and another comes on, normal for subs but not for surface ships. I left the ship in Australia, and after some 10 days of much deserved R&R just got home last week.

On to bigger and better things... Here in the next year or so I will be spreading my feelers wide and looking for a job after I retire. In Lemoore I will have a 1MBit DSL line and will be updating working on computers once again in earnest!
Already since returning home I have 7 systems to build, backordered I guess you would say from friends, family and relatives. Life has been good here in Hawaii, well when I'm here :-() But it will be nice to get back to the mainland where I can drive for more than an hour in a direction, and computer part shipping doesn't automatically cost $20 extra :-(

I'll also be updating my system here shortly, after arrival at Lemoore. Right now it's looking like a ABIT IT7 Ver2 Motherboard, a 2.8 GHZ P4 CPU, 1Gb of Corsair XMS3500 memory and a ATI Radeon 9700 Pro. I'll be sure to letcha know how that turns out ;-)

As always if you have any questions or need some freelance advice just use the Contact Us Page
**I will Reply using normal email, taking my email addresss off the site due to SPAM!! :-((

You wouldn't believe the amount of email I get, questions/advice etc. I enjoy it don't get me wrong, cause I am a geek :-) I was getting them when I was on deployment (the wife was forwarding them to me:-). But on PAC I blew a few of them off, just because when you're sitting 23 miles off the coast of Iraq the most important thing doesn't seem to be someone’s bios upgrade problem or new system specs advice...hope you understand! :-) heh

dat's all for now, tata...hope to hear from yah~!


*25 MAY 2002*
As usual, my website updating has seriously lacked...I apologize for not keeping you all updated :-( I'm sure many of you read this on a daily basis...heh
As my Navy career winds down here (I'm at almost 19 years now:-) I'll be updating this site more often I think. Just in case any of my future employers are keeping tabs (hint:-)
I'm still in lovely Hawaii of course, not a bad place at all, if only I could actually stay inport for more than a month at a time I think I'd really love it~! :-)
I have received my follow on orders for after I depart the lovely USS Fletcher where I'm at now, sometime in early 2003. If I accept them (waiting to see if I make Chief...grr, for the 6th time) I'll be going to NAS Lemoore, smack dab in the middle of Cali for 3 years.

My current geek projects are expanding lately, I purchased another Laptop recently, a Compaq 1.13GHZ (I know I know, just reload the damn thing and it's a regular machine people:-) I've upgraded my main desktop quite a bit, to an Intel P4 Northbridge socket 478-2.2 GHZ, and I am currently successfully overclocking it up to 2.5~!
I've had a bit of time to play games lately, being out to Sea and having the Laptop...comes in handy to kill time, watching quite a few movies as of late as well. The movie market (VCD's, MPEGS, AVI's) on the net is pretty awesome nowadays, and they were worried about MP3's~!! Heh, that will teach them, you can download a full movie in around 3 hours with broadband~!
shhh, it's a secret doh :-)

I meant to stop by here after 9/11 and leave a word, but just couldn't bear to actually write something then on the subject. They same time heals all wounds, I hope we can live that long in this case is all I can think of.
I will be getting my last chance in a few months to do my duty over there, and I will do so with the thoughts of the innocents in mind.
That's about all for now, remember...if you have any computer questions or just want to drop me a line/idle chit-chat use the Contact Us Page
**I will Reply using normal email, taking my email addresss off the site due to SPAM!! :-((
My squaw (hehe) will forward them to me (usually) if I'm not here and out at sea.

Take care, work hard play harder~!


*25 MAR 2001*
Hello again, I was just out cruising the net and I found this site with my name on it! Thought what the heck, I'll update it for a change :-)(

Damn it's been a year + since I've done this, hard to believe, but that means one less year to go in the Navy doh, woohoo! What have I been up to that would keep me so damn busy you ask?! :-)

No please ask, !!!!!

Well let's see back in February of Y2K I left for the East Coast, Damneck Virginia to be exact, for a four month Navy Techinical school. Where they tought me to work on one of the things that makes a boom a long way away :-() heh...

After that I had around a month to get my family (two boys, 6 and 2 and my lovely wife:-) moved to Hawaii and settled in before we deployed on a six month cruise in August. I was succesful, and whadayah know, I made it back home alive! One more of these and I'm outta this mickey mouse outfit :-) (Retired with 20 years!)

Computer wise I'm just as geeky as ever...I still manage to build a few machines a month, for family, friends or associates. My main machine just recently got upgraded from a single PIII-700 to dual 800's and it has 1GB of Ram now :-)

I'm seriously thinking of dumping these two machines (new PIII-700, and Dual 800) and building a bomb diggety Athlon though...really thinking much about dat! :-)

The Dell Laptop (Inspiron 7500) has performed perfectly since I bought it. I'm very happy with it's I should be after spending an arm and a leg :-) Heh, it's definitely a keeper, till it's batteries die...:-)

I just started playing with an Abit BE6 II version 2.0 the other day. I put 512MB of PC133 and my old 700 in it and fired it up. Hey I've been out of the country for six months, this ATA-100 with raid stuff is kewl! :-)
I'm running it mildly overclocked @ 750MHZ with a 64MB Geforce Annihilator 2, 40Gb Western Digital ATA-100, a new Plextor 12/10/32 and Zip Drive in it. I'll probably sell a PII-300 and the PIII-700 on ebay here shortly and get a 1GHZ chip in it to play with. After I amuse myself for a few days I'll be selling it, before my wife disinherits me...:-(

I'm also about to start building a custom machine here next week for a Professor from my old duty station (the Naval Postgraduate School, in Monterey, CA). This Baby will be a Dual 1GHZ PIII, with 2GB Ram, 3-36GB Scsi III's and associated other super hardware, should be phun. Honestly I just plain enjoy building something with my own hands and watching it run like a demon, kinda like a geek mechanic I guess :-)

The Hitachi Monitor/ lawsuit is winding down I think, in the end it looks as if I'll get the amount I would have spent on the monitor ($165 or something) sounds fair, no?!

Well that's about it for now, I'll be stopping by now and then, if you need something...advice, a computer, or a thoroughly dedictaed IT Tech for your Company in two years and some change:-) Just drop me a line using the Contact Us Page
**I will Reply using normal email, taking my email addresss off the site due to SPAM!! :-((


*08 FEB 2000*
Howdy, Howdy, Howdy~! (guess the movie and character and email me:-) *no prize doh* :-)

Well one Company officially on my "Pisser" list is now Micron. The Laptop I ordered on 24 Jan 00 could not be
delivered by the time I leave town (18/20 FEB 00) so I just cancelled my damn order.
They needed a THREE WEEK+ lead time on a PIII-650, to iron out "technical issues":-() ehh, whatever :grrr

So, now my new Laptop will be a DELL Inspiron 7500, PIII-650/15.4SXGA/LCD/DVD-Floppy/CDRW-Floppy/ZIP Drive/192MB Ram /25GB Ultra ATA HD/Xircom 10/100+56K V.90 PCMCIA Modem/8MB ATI AGP 2X Rage...hehe, he say's with glee :p

Best thing of all, Dell said 4 Day's!! Damn, they can pump'em out~!(might hafta werk for them when I get out!)

The price you ask? :-) Don't ask don't tell is what I say :-)( but $5k would be about right...they don't even bill
this as a's a Mobile desktop-aka-a huggable lovable :-)

Well, gotta go eat din-din,


*30 JAN 2000*
Hiyas, or Aloha I should say...:-)

Reason for Aloha you ask?! I found out the other month that is where my next (and probably last)
Duty Station will be. Pearl Harbor Hawaii here I come~!

I will be attending a brief Navy school (4 months) in Damneck, VA starting February 20th, then it's off to
paradise in July~!

I recently purchased a Laptop (I know,I know not enuff power :-) To take with me. So I'll be able to continue
my web escapades :-) The Laptop is a (or will be when I get it-21 day lead time:() Micron Tranport ZX

Quick Specs
128MB Ram
12GB Hardrive
DVD Drive 6X
Hot swapable Iomega Zip Drive
15" TFT Display

Should last me for a year or so :-) heh...
I've been playing with a Kodak DC290 Digital Camera I got for XMAS lately, oh my is history man :-)
Of course I'm selling it and my "Burner" system to get the Laptop, but oh well, such is the life of a geek :p

Well that's about it for now, remember if you have any Computer Questions or need some advice please feel free
to drop me a line. Just use my Contact Us Page
**I will Reply using normal email, taking my email addresss off the site due to SPAM!! :-((

Tah-Tah for now~!

*29 SEP 1999*
Trying out a test webcam feed out of my 'puter room, trying to refresh it every 20 seconds!? :-)

It works, but as of now--have to manually reload the page...going to talk with my webmaster, get this up a few hours a week perhaps :-)
Maybe when I'm doing sumthin interesting like blowin up a Motherboard :-)

By the way, the Matrox-G400 MAX, works as advertised...right now the hottest card on the market if you ask me. I ran Dual monitors for about two weeks with it Flawlessly, until the novelty wore off and the space became important :p
The Picture is awesome, absolutely crystal clear and the refresh rates on this baby are more than my poor little 19" Hitachi Superscan can stand :-)

Goin to Vegas next week...little R&R...

Catchas Later~!

*01 SEP 1999*
Here for my Monthly Computer Dweeb and Mountain Dew report :-)

Uhhh, just got today :-)
Well this and a PIII-600~!

Like, bye ~!~!

*05 AUG 1999*
Howdie, howdie, howdie~!
I'm just Dropping by to report on my progress as a geek :-) I'm about to receive a Matrox G400-Max (soon hopefully, Matrox:-). With that and the ViperV770-TNT Ultra and Vodooo3 3500 which I already have, I will be performing a few benchmarks comparing andcontrasting them. I will be using GAMING as my benchmarks...with test such as Final Reality, Expendable, Quake 2 and 3.The reason for using Games to benchmark and compare Graphics cards you say? Simple, Games are the Modern benchmark of Computer performance...if your Computer can push 10 Million polygons of Pure pulsepumping 3D information at 85HZ and 16 Million colors to a monitor, then it should be a given it canrun Microsoft Office at a decent speed :-) On to my other ongoing projects, stop by for sec and look at my current Computer configurations (on the Computer Repair page). Quite a few changes, yes I have finally embarked on a ATA-66 Machine, I'm behind on this, but with the 13.5GB/7200RPM/2MB Cache IBM 22GXP I have arriving...I should be upto speed shortly...hehe

I'll be back a little more often now...the wife's being really nice for some reason? :p So I have some more spare time~! Take it easy!!...:)

*16 JUN 1999*
Wow...:() I'm alive :hehe
Take a look at the Computer page if you get a chance! A few upgrades lately...wowser :-) I've been playin around on eBay a bit (when they're up, heh) I'm not even going to try and make an excuse for not updating the site as of late... at this point :() The Family has been coming first, money second, and computers closely behind (not to mention my recent home movie/sound system upgrades :p) What I will say is in the last few months I've turned more toward individual consultant/machine builder, and there are quite a few happy people in this area and beyond with that decision. Heck, I can practically keep busy with just upgrading and fixing family and friends confusers :-) I have been enjoying one very interesting NAVY project, Building no limit (basically) PIII Dual CPU Xeon Computers, talk about quick...cha at 10-12K a piece, should be right?! My Webmaster in absentee Brian Grattan will be stopping by shortly, to do some site changes...and perhaps a shockwave splasher. He's moved on out of the Navy and into a far far away world...but I can still reach him on ICQ~!

I'll be back ~!

*12 APR 1999*
Yada Yada Yada:-) I know I know, I missed a month doh:()

And you know what, it feels like it! I've been busy, trust me I've been bbbuuusssyyy:-) I had my 33rd Birthday Party and I do believe a good time was had by all...enuff said bout dat :-) New Kid's doing great, can't believe he's 2 Months old now...lookin kinda fat...hehe. The Rage Fury is out, okay, that's over with, next please! A decent all around card but not holding in today's 3D world...wasn't even king of the hill but for a couple week's :( I installed another U2W SCSI Hardrive yesterday, going to load NT on it tonight, should be a phun adventure :-) I've been VERY busy with PCI Tech lately, PC's are flying off the shelf nowadays it seems. What with Tax returns and XMAS before that and the PRICES OMG, they just keep dropping :-) I must have personally built some 20-30 machines in the last 2 months! Well that's all for now, I'll try to remember my URL :-) and stop by to visit a little more often :-() heh! If you have any questions comments our concerns...just drop me a note via the Contact Us Page

**I will Reply using normal email, taking my email addresss off the site due to SPAM!! :-(( BTW the relatives LUV the AVI, so it stays up :-)


*26 FEB 1999*
Yikes! Upon hearing the ranting of my webmaster :-) I decided to jot a few quick notes...heh

I'm proud to announce the birth of Joel Bryant Schade (boy:-) on 17 February 1999. Our second boy, he'll be raised to take Bill Gates place someday :-). Shoot, the 4 year old (Erin) already runs Scandisk, Defrag and set's the Jumpers on my Socket 7 builds :-p
I'll be posting an AVI up soon of the new little'un using my new Kodak DVC323 USB Netcam!

Speaking of which, I'm a little behind the times on this whole USB device thing. I thought it was a crock at first, but I'm very content with both the Performance and the Quality of devices that are starting to be available for USB. The ones I've dealt with so far…USB Speakers, a Zip Drive and this Netcam install like a dream and are quicker than their old Serial/Parallel counterparts. So if you really want a device and perhaps don’t mind it being external, vice adding that extra card into a slot (of which I have none:-) Seriously look into the devices availability in USB perhaps~! The whole install only takes minutes and USB provides the devices power as well, which is great for me…I was going to have to go get another Generator! Heh


*14 FEB 1999*
I finally switched the new Abit BX6 Version 2 Motherboard into Screamer with the SL2W8 (overclockable 300MHz chip). I added a bit of memory while I was at it :-) She totals out to 512MB now. This board will take a GIG!! The BX6-2 seems even more clockable/stable than the BH-6 (more tweaking will tell). I replaced the Motherboard, set the bios similar to the BH6 and was off to the races. Not even a hitch, detected new Hardware and was done. The son got the "old" BH6 in case you're wondering~:p Heh, a 4 year old with a Celeron 400, 128mb Ram, a TNT card and such...Elmo does kick some serious butt at 24bit 1024X768 doh :-)

Looks like no 19" Monitor...grrrr :-( *see*

Take a look at the improvements to the Website, the frontpage...links~! (ALA Brian Grattan:-) Heck, make it your home page, nice portal if you ask me! I'll be a very busy'un this week, a new baby boy coming on know I have/had alot to do with that~heh!

Ordered my first USB device, a Kodak DVC 323 Digital Video Camera, will be trying it out later this week. Perhaps to publish an AVI of the new young'un?


*08 FEB 1999*
Figured out the AMD K6-2 400 Issue, well at least most of it. As I stated before, it was locking up in Final Reality and BCM diagnostics with an AGP Card only (PCI card worked all day). Upon downloading and installing the latest VIA AGP patch from ACER labs (Ver 1.50) it started working with the Matrox G200 and the ATI Expert@Play, however the Viper V550 was still locking. After installing the NVidia Reference drivers from their Website, all is good with that card now. So in other words DIAMOND's Drivers...grrr, I'll be contacting them this morning :( they still haven't answered my Tech request from last'o'man. I got an email from Asus, telling me to install the "latest" AGP driver for their motherboard VER 1.30!! I don't think so, I tried it and lock city again :(

On to more exciting news, a new bios for the BH6 is out!

A 19" Hitachi monitor deal (will I get or not? :-)

Oh, the Celeron/BX6-2, working fine at 450 MHz (6x75), doesn't look like it will do the 6x83 however, even with a voltage raise and bios tweaks :( won't give up though, will keep you posted, can you say Liquid Nitrogen Coolant :-) Might trade that 19" to a Air Conditioning Specialist? ...heh

*06 FEB 1999*
This AGP/Super Socket7 AMD K6-2 400 is really starting to bug me. I have contacted AMD/Acer Diamond/FIC and VIA, it's the old finger point game :(. Although out of all of them AMD responded most quickly and offered the most advice/help. I downloaded the latest VIAAGP from Acer (ver 1.50) for the ALADDIN Motherboards (ASUS/MSI). Seems to run fine with a Matrox G200, ATI Expert@Play and Viper V330 AGP now, it ALWAYS ran w/PCI. The Viper V550 still crashes and burns despite their release of a new driver (supposedly for issues/betterment of AMD chip compatibility)! Going to try a new approach tomorrow, load up the NVIDIA Reference Drivers see how they do.

*05 FEB 99*
Testing an Abit BX6/2.0 Motherboard this weekend, with 128mb of PC100 Ram. First Opinion? The Auto Power (Keyboard or Mouse turn-on) feature is kewl. I have it configured to turn on with a double right mouse click:-) It works like a champ, you hafta soft power off (shut down 98/95-ATX) to use the feature. The machine is stable as a rock running beautifully @ 6X66-400MHz. I haven't attempted overclocking yet, just got the Celery and Dual Celeron fan today, off to the races this weekend doh :-) In addition I ordered Two dual Pentium II fans for my 450 (real) and 450 (Sl2W8), should cool things down a bit, then I can stay at 504 constantly...weee~!. I needed that, with the SCSI/VoodooII and full card bay I have. These machines will each have 6 fans now :-) 1 Case, 1 Pwr Supply, 2 PII Chip and 2 Bay...neat huh?! :-)

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