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Custom Computer Building/Upgrades/Repairs

    Had to stop by and update the site today 2/1/2015. Someone pointed out I do not live in "Lemoore, CA" anymore, and to that, I say, thank god! I'm also no longer with the USDA in Albany, CA or the Department of Veterans Affairs in Martinez, CA ;-)

I now live in the S.F. Bay Area--Benicia, CA to be exact, an AWESOME Town/City! After my Navy Career (retired July 1st-2004), I obtained employment with the USDA in Albany, CA (near Berkeley, CA) where I went to work in May 2004 while still on separation leave as an Information Technology Specialist (OS) (AKA. Computer Tech).

*Then on 3/19/2006, I started working for the Department of Veterans Affairs, in Martinez, CA. Which was just a nice 8-mile commute from the house in Benicia, CA, which is a Godsend here in the S.F. Bay Area!

I am now retired both from the Navy and as of November 2013 "Medically Retired" from GOVT Service. I am now a 1005 Service Connected Disabled Veteran. Again, I retired in July 2004, my final tour was at NAS Lemoore, California, working at the base Detention Facility. I did 20 Years Active Duty-USN, at various stations including Orlando, FL - Great Lakes, IL - San Diego, CA - Mare Island, CA - Alameda, CA - Benicia, CA - Damneck, VA and Pearl Harbor, HI, all told I had 9 long deployments overseas. During my career, I served aboard three ships, a Cruiser (USS Gridley CG-21), an Aircraft Carrier (USS Carl Vinson CVN-70) and a Destroyer (USS Fletcher DD-992).

Thus far I've worked on computers about 26 plus years solid, at a Computer Manufacturer/OEM, PCI Tech Inc., and with the Navy for most of my career, especially at the Naval Postgraduate School (3 years System Administration/Support) then the USDA where I started 30 May 2004, then the VA and now I'm an Independent IT Consultant!

My current computers are…, Lol, okay to many to list, so I won't even try, let's just put it this way suffice it to say I have Custom Built ones and Alienwares/Dells/HP's and others. All together in the house at last count (a while ago?) I had 19 Computing Devices, Desktops/Laptops, Tablets, Kindles, Nvidia Shield’s :-) That's not even counting the Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, Onlive Game Console(s) X2 and 7 TV's

As you can probably tell, I enjoy working on Electronics and PC's:-)

If you need some help with your Computer(s) and you are in the S.F. Bay California area, or anywhere else for that matter :-) Just let me know! My rates are reasonable and negotiable to a complete extent, as I truly do enjoy "just helping people"! I offer the no BS guarantee, either I will help you, and if that’s not possible/doesn’t work then I'll find you help (I have MANY contacts/associates). I specialize in Custom Computer building (Medium to HIGH end), Upgrades, Networking and Gaming PC's, not to mention Software of ALL kinds-OS’s and Computer Repair~! If you need any Hardware advice or have general Computer questions feel free to contact me using the
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**I will Reply using normal email, taking my email addresss off the site due to SPAM!! :-((

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